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How to use Event Builder by VenuIQ


Adding Users

Sponsors / Exhibitors

Adding & Allocating Sponsors

Attaching a document to a sponsor

How to enable Lead Retrievals


Adding & Allocating Speakers


What are reports and what do they do?


How to create a Conference


How to create a Session

How to mass upload Sessions

How to attach a document to a session

How to activate One Click Rating (out of 5 stars)

Setting up session feedback forms


How to add delegates manually or by mass import

Troubleshooting Mass Imports/Updates

Custom Fields

How to add Sessions to Delegates’ Agenda’s (From back end and by Category)

Master Management

How to create a Match Interest

How to create a Category

How to create a Display Stream

How to create an Industry Sector

How to create Aims

How to create a Session Group

Sponsor Representatives

How to add Sponsor Representatives manually or by mass import

How to mass update Sponsor Representatives


Choosing a log-in type

Registering in-app

Creating your event’s registration forms

Manually Approving/Rejecting Registration Requests

Payment Forms


Sending a Custom Email

Setting up Welcome Emails

Push Notifications

Delegate Engagement

How to create a Poll

How to set up Surveys

Creating a Scavenger Hunt

Points/Engagement Leaderboard

Web Portal

How to change the colours of your web portal

How to set a noticeboard title to your conference

How to add a privacy policy to your conference portal